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What is a copywriter anyway?

By: Maurice Draine

Before we talk about what a copywriter is, let's talk about what it's not. A copywriter is not the person who registers patents and trademarks at the US Patents office. That's copyright.

A copywriter is a writer who is able to write clear and concise copy (documents) for you, your business or your website. A copywriter can take a four paragraph document you have, and turn it into a more to the point piece, eliminating all the fluff and do this in four sentences for example.

That's not all we can do. A copywriter can also keep your online blog updated with fresh content as a ghost writer. We can also create web page copy that can be added to your website. Let’s say you do not need any new web page copy because you already have a website with copy on it, you just don’t like it anymore because the content is either outdated or not original. A copywriter can re-write this material for you.

Here are a few other things a copy writer can do for you and your business:

  • Create flyers
  • Create brochures
  • Web articles
  • Ghost writing
  • Blog post
  • Create newsletter
  • Direct Response sales letters to your customers to promote your business, your new book or other products.
  • Create sales texts
  • And much more!

Other benefits

Having a copywriter can save you time and money. You need to be out running your business, making new contacts and building new relationships. You don't have time to be stuck in the office writing posts for your online blog, or writing a direct response sales letters to prospects. The copywriter is able to handle all these tasks for you.

Not expensive at all…

Who said that copywriting has to be expensive? Copywriters all charge different prices for their services. But let's say a copywriter charges you $49 per hour to write two sales letters for you. The letters take two hours apiece to complete so you owe the copywriter $196.

You send out those letters via postal mail and email the copywriter created for you to 100 new prospects. As a direct result of the letters you only paid $196 for, you get 20 people to come to your website and 10 people buy your products.

You make about $600 off the two sales letters that cost you $196. The best thing about copywriting is once the writer creates the copy for you, you own it. You could send the letters out every two weeks if you wanted to. After about three to six months of repeating the process of mailing and emailing the same two letters. Ask yourself then, is copywriting expensive?

That was just a glimpse of one of the many copywriting forms a copywriter can help you with. There are many other forms as well. Please check the services page to see other forms a copywriting company such as Copywriting Masterminds can do for you and your business.