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6 Benefits of Delegating Writing Duties to a Copywriter

By: Maurice Draine


Entrepreneurs seek to own their own business for many reasons. Some love creating from start to finish or they enjoy getting their hands dirty in the creation. Others may go after the thrill associated with starting their own business. Even though branching off on your own has significant risks, it can be an exhilarating ride.

The one thing all entrepreneurs share is the desire to be their own boss; to be the captain of their destiny. Oftentimes, business owners find the entrepreneurial dream doesn't play out like it did in their heads.

A Common Issue Business Owners Face Today

In today's information ravenous society, we are continually scanning headlines for something that strikes a chord. Something that entices us to click the read more link. No business is immune from it because today, you’re not somebody unless you have something to say. The problem is everyone is shouting online like traders on the floor of the stock exchange. This results in business owners finding themselves lost in the noise. Great content is the solution to getting ahead of the herd.

Oftentimes, running a business leaves most entrepreneurs stretched thin. They don’t have much capacity for anything else but the company, much less writing a profound article or blog post. And besides lack of time, business owners face a heap of other issues when trying to produce content that people will not only see but read.

  • Not enough staff. Small businesses run a tight ship, taking someone off their assigned job to write content is a not beneficial use of their time. Their work stacks up, and the writing may suffer.
  • Owners are too close to their business. They may think being the expert in their field is helpful, but it can actually hurt the content. Too much inside jargon will confuse potential customers they are trying to reach.
  • Their expertise lies in the business they are running, not writing copy. For a business run smoothly it needs someone in charge. Owners should stick to running their business, especially if writing is not in their wheelhouse. Poor content can capsize all efforts to reach a new audience.
  • Struggling to attract new customers with limited resources or poor marketing efforts. One of the best tools to reach new audiences a business can utilize is their website. But if the content isn't there, it's just another site collecting dust in the inter-webs.
  • Falling behind on the demand for fresh content. Again, research is essential for new and engaging copy, and many owners don't have the time necessary to generate the content.

But there is a simple solution for all business owners who need content, and the answer is to delegate the writing responsibilities to a professional copywriter.

Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter

Today you can hire a copywriter from an app or send a simple email request with a quality product delivered to you within days. While the ease of hiring a copywriter is a major perk, it's not the only reason to pass the responsibility to a professional. Here are other reasons to consider when weighing the pros and cons of hiring a copywriter.

  1. Creates more time for the owner to run the business. Hiring someone to handle the copy allows for more time business related activities.
  2. Copywriters like to write. They’re a writer, that’s what they want to do. Writers enjoy the research and coming up with the concept of the piece. These are the things that business owners don't like about writing.
  3. The writing in the article will be professional quality. Worrying about grammar errors, misspellings, and punctuation are gone once a professional writer takes over.
  4.  Hiring a copywriter is a cost-efficient solution. A company may not have the content needs necessary to staff a full-time copywriter. Outsourcing is a perfect solution.
  5. You can hire an expert who not only knows your niche, but understands the rules of writing. Many fields have writers who are experts in that field or have made it their niche. So, the content still showcases the business as an expert, but translates better to the audience reading it.
  6. A writer knows how to persuade the audience to act. And they can do it without concentrating heavily on sales-speech because they know it can be a deal breaker. When business owners write for themselves, it may sometimes come across like a high-pressure sales pitch or fall short convincing no one.

Final Thoughts

Business owners always look at the bottom line. Consider how much your time costs by breaking down the amount you make hourly. Now, think about the time it would take you to write two 750-word blog posts a week. You will soon discover that having you, the owner of the business, writing instead of doing the daily tasks necessary to operate, is not only costly but could create operational delays. Hiring a professional copywriter is beneficial to your business’s well-being and to the bottom line you are trying to protect.